Introducing VirtualCISO™ from Datarisk Canada

Credibility, Expertise and Resource Availability are Now Available On-Demand Across Canada

Do You Need a VirtualCISO™?

The demands of IT management, cybersecurity, management, education and securing the entire supply chain can be crippling for most Canadian SMEs. With a VirtualCISO™ Cybersecurity Support Program, businesses gain an exceptional advantage from a highly respected consultant available on-demand, year round.

Managed Security Experience

Even organizations that already have a CISO benefit enormously from the VirtualCISO™ Support Program, gaining credibility and expertise across all facets of security and risk management.

Managed Security Expertise

Your Datarisk VirtualCISO™ is a dedicated security expert, certified to manage data protection projects, interface with IT and security teams and confidentially advise all levels of management.

Managed Security Risk

From carrying out Verify™ Risk Assessments to supporting the IT function, your VirtualCISO™ expertly supports your security program so you can focus on core competencies and growth.